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Digital Print Australia

Most online print sites promise cheap products and extensive benefits. But many don't deliver.

Some of them use a business model based on the idea that you can suck in the customer with cheap basic rates or free stuff, then charge for every conceivable extra, even for uploading your own company's logo or choosing a gloss finish card stock.

Digital Print Australia is different. Our prices are low, but we don't do free. Instead, we tell you up-front what our prices are, then we deliver high-quality products in return.

Digital Print Australia has several levels of service. You can take our basic, no-frills business printing such as business cards, corporate brochures or company folders, where you use our range of professionally designed templates.

You can design your own, if you fancy your design skills and have a good idea of what you want. For that, you use our full-featured online design tool. Or if you want full control and greater sophistication, design in your own software package and upload your finished art.

You can engage our designers for artwork needs or use your designer and upload the artwork they supply you. Your print order is delivered to your door, as with the other methods.

Whichever route you take, there are no extra charges, no loading. Our prices are stated upfront and clearly. And our quality is too.

With Digital Print Australia, what you see is what you get